Barcode skener Deli No 14882W

1. Material: ABS, TPU 2. Light source: LED red light 3. Resolution: 4MIL 4. Light source type: 640-660nm laser laser 5. Scanning method: manual, continuous 6. Scanning barcode category: one-dimensional code 7. Working current: 140mA 8. Prompt mode: buzzer, indicator light 9.14882W built-in battery: 2000mAh lithium battery 10. Comfortable and durable slow rebound buttons and body components 11. The body is made of ABS material, and the top and bottom of the scanner are designed with TPU plastic covering, which is comfortable to touch. 12. After the scan is successful, the buzzer will emit a sound prompt 13. Including wireless and wired, you can choose freely according to your needs
SKU: 14882
Vendor: Smart Shop